Adding Energy Efficiency to Your Home

Whether you're remodeling your home or constructing a new one, there are many opportunities to incorporate energy efficiency elements, reducing energy consumption and energy costs.  You can also take advantage of several rebate and incentive programs and financing options specifically for energy efficiency remodels and new construction.


Where should you begin?


Add trees, awnings, lattices or vines to increase shade.  

Air Seal

Seal gaps and cracks in your home with foam or other sealants.  

Cool Roof

Add coating on existing roofing or install a "cool roof" system.  


Add film to existing single pane windows or replace with high-performance windows.

Duct Seal

Tape existing pipes and ducts to seal leaks.


Add insulation in the attic and a radiant barrier. 

Heating and Cooling Units

Replace AC unit with higher efficiency rating.

Evaporative Cooler or Whole House Fan

Add an evaporative cooler or whole house fan for energy efficient ventilation. 

Want more information about how to energy efficiency to your project?

Check out the Green Building Guidebook for Residential Remodels and New Construction to learn more.