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Top Undervalued Cryptocurrencies to Invest in This Year

blockchain-based platform

The lowest cryptocurrency we have is V Chain so V Chain is a blockchain-based platform that records the truth of what happens at every step of the supply chain. They do this by combining physical tracking technology with blockchain records. Which is a public ledger to keep. Tabs on real-world products to help prevent fraud and increase transparency, so I’ll try to explain it a little easier, so say you’re trying to buy a brand new Jordan or a pair of Off-White or Yeezy.

This doesn’t only happen in the shoe industry. It’s a huge issue that we are seeing around the world. The trade-in counterfeit goods are now three per cent of world trade and it’s growing to more than half a trillion dollars in counterfeit business now. V Chain combines anti-fraud technology to help consumers and companies know that our purchases are genuinely authentic. The question Brian is how do they do it and the other question is how they do it today in today’s vid geez.

V-Chain is currently trading at 18 cents at the time of this recording and they have risen by almost 5,000 per cent over the past year, so with this kind of growth you don’t think it’s too late to invest now. I don’t believe this is the case and here’s my reason why the V series actually consists of three separate real-world tech cryptocurrencies and they have a platform that’s fundamentally early in a developing world.

real-world tech cryptocurrencies

The significance of this token is that VIT is the payment used in the VeChain system and can also be used to generate another token known as V-Thor or Thor Power, which is also known as V-Chain. Is required to do. Tracking a physical product, so I believe V-Chain is so undervalued because the system is geared towards mass enterprise adoption, starting with luxury handbags, But vehicle computers can be adopted into products and much more VeChain has announced partnerships with big brands like BMW HM and much more.

The application of the use case with this coin is extremely strong and I see them as a great long term hold for any new or advanced level investors you can pursue and VChain from or Binance buy.