Water Conservation

Water is essential to our everyday lives. Water supplies are limited, so using water wisely has never been more important. 20% of California’s total electricity consumption is related to the transportation and treatment of water, as well as the disposal of wastewater. 11% of the state’s electricity consumption is related to residential, commercial and industrial end-use.


So reducing water usage is also good for reducing energy usage – the less water required by businesses, the less water needs to be treated, transported and disposed. Cutting water use inside and outside your business is key.The best part about saving water is you save money in the process! See the tips below to get your business started on the road to being Water Smart.

What can I do about it?

Indoor and outdoor Water Tips

 Repair leaking pipes, fixtures and seals.

Repairing leaks is a cost effective and effortless way to save money and water. 

Install controls that turn faucets off automatically.

These controls are inexpensive, plus easy to install and will save your business money. 

 Install water-efficient equipment.

Most water based equipment now comes in more water-efficient models for your business to use. For example, toilets, urinals, ice machines and food steamers are now made to use water efficiently. When you use these water–saving products in your business, you can expect exceptional performance and savings on your water bills. Rebates available! 


Implement water efficient landscaping by planting native plants.

Native plants are adapted to rainfall conditions and also demand less water.