Adding Energy Efficiency to your Business

A remodel is a great opportunity to incorporate energy efficiency and sustainable elements in to your business by reducing energy usage and energy costs. You can also take advantage of several rebate and incentive programs and financing options specifically for energy efficiency remodels.


Where should you begin?  Click on the number to learn more.  

Consider landscaping and other passive design features.

Plant trees on the west side of the building. Additionally, add trees, awnings, lattices or vines to increase shade.  If you're building a new business, there are lots of opportunities to utilize siting and other passive design features to decrease your energy usage.  Click here to learn more.  

Upgrade lighting

Install compact fluorescent or LED bulbs, electronic ballasts and photo sensitive controls.

Upgrade windows

Install weather-stripping or window film for a low-cost fix.  Replace windows if appropriate based on the type and size of your project.  

Install "cool roof."

Add "cool roof" coating on existing roofing or use a "cool roof" re-roofing system.

Add insulation 

Add spray or rigid foam on top of the roof.

Seal and test ducts

Perform a "duct leakage" test to find leaks in existing ducts. Seal all joints and cracks.

Upgrade heating and air conditioning unit

Replace AC unit with a unit with higher efficiency rating, economizer cycle/  Make sure the unit is the "right size" based on your electricity needs.  

Be sure to check with your city before beginning any work to make sure you understand the city's building codes and obtain the required permits.  Permits are critical because they help you ensure the quality of the work you have done on your building.  Plus, rebate programs require you to show documentation of your permit to be eligible for the rebate.