Multi-Family Remodeling

A remodel is a great opportunity to incorporate energy efficiency and sustainable elements in to your multi-family units by reducing energy usage and energy costs. You can also take advantage of several rebate and incentive programs and financing options specifically for energy efficiency remodels. 


How are your units functioning? 


As a part of preparing to remodel and/or upgrade, find out how the apartment units are working - test the ducts to look for leakage by doing a "blower door" test to see how much air leaks out of the unit through cracks, electrical outlets, windows and doors.  Testing just 15% of the units will give a good sense of major defects.  It provides an opportunity to seal the cracks and gaps and save money through the selection of very efficient HVAC units.  The Energy Code requires many of the tests and verifications to take advantage of the energy savings the design intended.


Where should you begin?


Add film to existing single pane windows. Consider replacing windows for more savings.

Consider landscaping

Plant trees on the west side of the building. Additionally, add trees, awnings, lattices or vines to increase shade.  

Upgrade heating and air conditioning unit

Replace AC unit with higher efficiency rating, economizer cycle, and "right size" the unit.

Install "cool roof"

Add "cool roof" coating on existing roofing or use "cool roof" re-roofing system.

Add light colors

Paint exterior surfaces light colors to reflect the sun and heat.

Seal and test ducts

Preform a "duct leakage" test to find leaks in existing ducts. Seal all joints and cracks.