2021 San Gabriel Valley Energy Champion Awards

The 2021 San Gabriel Valley Energy Champion Awards recognize San Gabriel Valley agencies' efforts for increasing energy efficiency in municipal facilities and engaging in long-term strategic planning for energy efficiency. Agencies must meet thresholds in municipal and community energy efficiency and community outreach in order to receive awards. Jurisdictions have most of 2021 to complete the necessary requirements to reach the highest tier. Specific requirements in the Energy Benchmarking, Audits, and Projects category must be completed by November 1, 2021. Requirements in all other categories must be completed by December 1, 2021. Agencies will be recognized for their achievements in December 2021. 

Requirements of the 2021 San Gabriel Valley Energy Champion Awards are as follows:


Attend Energy Work Group Meeting(s) in 2021 being held in: February, May, July & September.

Silver Level: Attend 1 Energy Work Group meeting.


Gold Level: Attend 2 Energy Work Group meetings.


Platinum Level: Attend 3 Energy Work Group meetings.


Attend energy efficiency training(s) or provide presentation(s) related to energy efficiency OR complete a combination of energy efficiency trainings and presentations in 2021.


Silver Level: 1 Training or Presentation


Gold Level: 2 Training(s) and/or Presentation(s)


Platinum Level: 3 Training(s) and/or Presentation(s)


Refer entities* that have not previously engaged with the SGVCOG's energy efficiency efforts OR implement energy efficiency marketing campaign(s) OR complete a combination of the activities in 2021.


Silver Level: 1 Referral or Marketing Campaign.


Gold Level: 2 Referral(s) or Marketing Campaign(s).


Platinum Level: 3 Referral(s) and/or Marketing Campaign(s).

*Please note that the referred agency must follow through with meeting with the SGVCOG in order for your agency to be credited for this requirement. 


Silver Level: 1 Item Completed

Gold Level: 2 Items Completed

Platinum Level: 3 Items Completed

Agencies choose from the following:

Benchmark all facilities on Energy Star Portfolio Manager OR host a Comparative Energy Analysis meeting with the SGVCOG in 2021.

Conduct at least 1 municipal facility audit in 2021.

Participate in the SoCalGas Direct Install Program.

Participate in one of the following SoCalREN programs to install a gas project: Metered Savings Program, Revolving Savings Fund, and Pathway to Zero.

Install a gas energy efficiency project in 2020 or 2021.